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Stumo: No Trade Deals in Trump’s Asia Trip? Excellent Decision

November 16, 2017

The chattering class expressed worry and apprehension about the administration’s trade policy once again last week. Originally appears in Breitbart

Government Report: Trade Deficit Increasing in 2017 - Dollar Overvaluation Problem

November 03, 2017

Washington ~ The Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Census Bureau released its September report on international trade today showing that the year-to-date US goods and services deficit increased by 9.3 percent as compared to last year.

5 Reasons President Xi’s Speech Shows China Is a Threat to America

October 26, 2017

Last week China’s President Xi Jinping gave a 3 ½ hour speech at China’s Communist Party Congress. While some American commentators say China is becoming more like the west, Xi declared, on the contrary, that China is rising quickly to world superpower status, capable of challenging the US economically, politically,...

Press Release: CPA Announces Publication of Book

October 25, 2017

The Coalition for a Prosperous is proud to announce the publication of Rebuild Manufacturing – the key to American Prosperity by Michele Nash-Hoff, Chair of our California chapter.  Michele is President of ElectroFab Sales and has been a CPA member since 2011.  Michele has participated in producing five manufacturing summits...

Press Release: CPA Urges Trump to Avoid “Strong” Dollar Fed Reserve Nominees

October 23, 2017

Trade Deficit Reduction Could be Frustrated   Washington ~ The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) sent a letter to President Trump urging that he ensures that any Federal Reserve nominee favors a competitively priced dollar rather than a “strong” dollar.

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