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Tariffs Are a Sideshow Compared to the Weaponized Dollar

April 20, 2018

In recent years, U.S. manufacturers have been competing, and often losing, against government-owned Chinese companies intent on taking market share at any cost. Thankfully, President Donald Trump is fighting back with tariffs to protect domestic industries against China’s economic aggression. Op-ed originally appears on LifeZette

Another Voice: Trump is right to defend against China's economic aggression

April 17, 2018

For years, Buffalo manufacturers have been competing—and often losing—against government-owned Chinese companies. US manufacturers are among the most productive in the world, but they simply can not overcome the hurdles posed by China’s longstanding predatory trade practices, including dumping, subsidies, intellectual property theft, and forced technology transfer. President Trump’s tariff...

China treats US like a colony — luckily, Trump is fighting back

April 12, 2018

Economist Paul Krugman predicted a global recession after President Trump was elected. He was wrong. Most economists predicted a British recession after the Brexit vote. They were wrong. Economists and journalists are now predicting dire economic consequences from Trump’s tariffs on China. In several months, we will see that they are wrong too....

Press Release: CPA Applauds Additional $100 Billion Tariffs on China Trade 

April 06, 2018

Washington, DC. The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) today congratulated the Trump administration for standing firm against China’s mercantilism by announcing an additional $100 billion of new potential tariffs, and for instructing the US Department of Agriculture to implement a plan to protect farmers and ranchers from economic aggression.

Trump finally gets US to flex its trade-leverage muscles

March 31, 2018

President Trump’s renegotiated Korea trade deal shows that the era of America’s unilateral trade disarmament is over. During the last 30 years, various academics and free traders have urged the United States to pre-emptively remove all of its trade barriers. Op-ed originally appears on The Hill March 29, 2018

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